About Us

Atlantic Oilseed Processing Ltd.

Atlantic Oilseed Processing handles the processing, export and marketing of canola produced by Mol Farms. Partly because of our connection to Anne of Green Gables we have found international markets as far as Japan for our cold-pressed canola oil and canola seed.

In 2001 we grew hybrid canola for companies out of western Canada but then in 2008 we got a cold canola press and started focusing on Non-GMO canola. There are not many places in the world where you can grow Non-GMO canola as pure as we can and we are proud of that.

Every year we test our canola crop and the Non-GMO results are negative!

In our canola fields we use beehives for better results and yields. You will find other farmers growing Non-GMO canola for Atlantic Oilseed Processing locally. The seed is multiplied on PEI by Mol Farms. and is distributed to the farmers. This way we try to keep the canola 100% GMO Free.

Since 2008 we have used the cold canola press, which we bought in Germany. The oil is filtered and cleaned for sale in different markets. The canola meal that comes from the press is really good animal protein-filled feed, which many local farmers put to good use. The canola oil and meal is tested every time for quality. So if you are interested in the results, please feel free to ask.

We sell the canola oil in tote containers for export, as well as in bulk in container tanks. Canola meal is shipped in tote bags or in bulk.