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Molfarms is a trusted supplier for
Non-GMO Canola products in Canada

Our Canola is a great source of pride for us! It is grown by Mol Farms and our canola processing, export and marketing is done by our company Atlantic Oilseed Processing as well! Click on a canola product below for more details.

We start planting the canola in May. It needs some spraying and a little bit of fertilizer. Normally the flowering starts early July and it is amazing to see! Blue skies and millions of waving yellow canola flowers. It's not uncommon to see a tourist stop to take pictures.

Around the 20th of August we start swathing. We have our own swathers. We cut the plant and let it ripe for fourteen days and after that we combine the seeds. We store it at our own location. We like to combine when the canola is around 8% moisture. We often dry it too. Our big clipper cleaner prepares the canola for pressing and also for export.

We not only are proud to use beehives for better results and yields of high quality canola, but our canola is also 100% GMO FREE