About Us

Our Crops


Potatoes will always be very near and dear to the heart of our farm because they're what brought us to our home on PEI. We grow many varieties of potatoes, both as seed potatoes as well as table potatoes. For more information on our potatoes and our potato varieties please check out our Potatoes page!


One crop we take great pride in is our canola. There is excellent isolation and canola grows very well on PEI and we are so happy to be able to offer very high quality Canola that is Non-GMO to our customers. We have found such success with it that we have formed a separate company Atlantic Oilseed Processing for our canola processing, export and marketing. For more information on our Canola please check out our Canola page!

We grow longer rotations on the land not only to help with diseases but our 4 year rotation is better for the environment and soil too!

Other Crops

Barley: Our Barley is planted in May and then in August we do our combining, drying and storing on our farm. Our Barley is available for sale in the Maritimes.

Winter Wheat: A new crop to Mol Farms, winter wheat has been a great addition to add in the rotation. After combining at the end of August it is available for sale in the Maritimes.

Corn: We grow our corn with high moisture, 30% moisture being our ideal. It is planted in May and harvested in November. We have our own combine with which we harvest only the kernels. Our corn is available to be shipped on and off island.

Peas: Prince Edward Island summers are great for growing peas! Harvested in September, our peas are grown under contract for a local company, some for seed and some for feed.

For more information on our crops please check out our Other Crops page!