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Potatoes are the jewel of Prince Edward Island!

Check out the potato varieties we grow at Mol Farms in the list below and click on a variety for more details.

We start planting potatoes in May and like to be finished in June. We scout the potato fields for diseases and insects and we spray accordingly. We use foliar fertilizer, dry fertilizer and cow manure as well. We take tissue samples every week to steer the plant if necessary with foliar. In this way we grow a good and healthy crop!

We expend minimal labor on the packaging process with our new equipment for packaging, a new bagger and a new palletiser. This means we have really nice straight packed pallets of tagged 50 lbs bags of potatoes.

Our seed potatoes are sold in bulk to fellow farmers on the island. Table potatoes are graded, packed and shipped worldwide as far as Russia and South America.